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Decorate Vacation Rentals for Fall, Winter Seasons

With every changing season comes the opportunity to transform homes into welcoming spaces and create a sense of freshness. Why not update your vacation rentals with new colors and décor? Not only will the rental look different, but guests will enjoy the variety as they travel during these busy seasons. Ready to update? Get some inspiration and learn how to decorate vacation rentals for fall and winter seasons.

Ideas to Inspire: Decorate Vacation Rentals for Fall, Winter

decorate vacation rentals fall decor

Vacation Rental Decor Ideas: Fall Decorating Tips

The front porch, doors and columns:

  • Add a fall wreath to the front door and place pumpkins and gourdes outside.
  • Hang a fall-themed welcome sign and place a mat on the porch.
  • Change out the porch light with a brighter bulb or replace with an outdoor lantern.

The backyard and patio:

  • Add outdoor lights to trees, patio rails, door frames and gates.
  • Plant seasonal shrubs and flowers – depending on the climate – or add seasonal décor such as wreaths and signs.
  • For destinations that receive snow, decorate interior doors that lead outside.
  • Have the hot tub ready for chilly evenings with flame-less candles.

Inside the rental:

  • Add a basket of gourdes, fall-colored throw pillows, silk arrangements and swap out a couple of pieces of wall art.
  • Replace plug-in fragrances to an autumn scent, such as the popular pumpkin spice.
  • Update tablecloths, napkins and dishes to reflect fall colors and themes.

Enhance guest experience:

  • Supply a small gift box or basket with seasonal favorites, such as apples, flavored coffee, pumpkin dessert, popcorn and family-friendly movie.
  • Leave a pumpkin-carving kit and pumpkin for guests. Most kits come with designs and all needed tools for as little as $6. If kits seem too expensive, leave water-based painting supplies, so guests can paint their pumpkins.
  • Beer and wine lovers will appreciate a free sample of local beverages, or delight foodies with a seasonal recipe.
  • Provide a welcome note, cake recipe and ingredients. Guests can bake together and share with family and friends.

decorate vacation rentals winter ideas

Vacation Rental Decor Ideas: Winter Decorating Tips

The front porch, doors and columns:

  • Hang a holiday wreath or Happy Holidays sign on the front door. Consider outdoor lights, tinsel and even a Santa.
  • Dress up windows with spray snow and mistletoe over the front door.

The backyard and patio:

  • Climate permitting, hang outdoor lights or dress up the patio door on the inside.
  • Keep hot tubs covered, but provide hot chocolate, coffee or cider for guests to enjoy outside.
  • Warmer destinations and indoor/outdoor patios: Add seasonal plants, silk arrangements and small holiday-themed trees.

Inside the rental:

  • Put up a small tree with custom ornaments. Invite guests to take home an ornament as a souvenir.
  • Update the color theme to include seasonal colors with throw pillows and blankets.
  • Set the table with holiday-themed placemats, candles and a centerpiece.
  • Beach-goers will enjoy surfing Santa decor. Mountain lovers may enjoy a sled to ride.

Enhance guest experience:

  • Suggest holiday-themed games. Leave special materials for kids who want to write a letter to Santa or make a list.
  • Create a basket with winter treats and popcorn, a gingerbread house kit, or craft kits.
  • Offer a sugar-cookie recipe and custom cookie cutters, which come in all themes and sizes. Pick ones for your destination.
  • Families may also enjoy holiday-themed movies they can watch together.

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  1. As you mentioned that one should decorate a vacation rental by swapping out pieces of art, I believe that one should select a reliable source when hanging framed prints of nature. My suggestion is to update the home with winter landscapes inside the home will be a nice contrast to the fall-themed indoor decor and furniture. Doing this will not only impress the guests but also help set up the atmosphere to a wonderful holiday stay as well.

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